Home    Astro’s win 1st AL West playoff game

First pitch of Game 2 is tomorrow is at 3:37pm. Wear you 2017 Astro’s world series shirts and cheer them on.  After the game, hang around Discovery Green for moonGARDEN!

A series of 22 illuminated spheres transform Discovery Green and the plaza at Avenida Houston into a magical moonscape. Ranging in size from six to 30 feet in diameter, moonGARDEN features 11 shadow “theaters”  that tell the diverse, dynamic story of Houston and Discovery Green, as well as interactive works that allow visitors to become part of the experience. This is the largest ever created by Lucion Traveling Light of Montreal. Free. Visible during all park hours; activated nightly 6 pm-12 am.

moonGARDEN Lounge

Visitors to moonGARDEN will have special food and beverage options. A moonGARDEN Lounge presented by IKEA Houston will be set up on the Jones Lawn throughout the 10 days the exhibition. The Lake House at Discovery Green will operate an outdoor café serving beer, wine and soft drinks on Sept. 29–30 and Oct. 4-7, noon to 10 p.m. The Lakehouse Café will be open Oct. 1–3, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Grove will extend happy hour Mon-Sat until their regular closing hours each night. The Grove will also feature artisanal Moon Pies, and cocktails made with – naturally – Moon Shine.

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